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Thriving Through Transitions: Lessons from a Hospitalist's Journey

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We explore how our thoughts shape emotions, dissecting cognitive distortions like all-or-nothing thinking, overgeneralization, and more. Discover strategies to break free from negative loops, challenge assumptions, and cultivate a balanced perspective. Learn how awareness of our thoughts can lead to enhanced emotional well-being.

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We explores the key components of success, happiness, and wealth and how they are interconnected. I shed light on the art of reacting to life's offerings, the relationship between happiness and money, and the conversion of effort and enterprise into currency and equity. 

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5 Steps for a Smoother Career Transition

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What Lucille Ball and Einstein Can Teach Us About Overcoming Burnout

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Inspiring event about career change for growth in Healthcare.

Topics included: Why we struggle with changes. Framework for career change or transitions. Value Decision Making