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A pioneering program designed for physicians ready to transform their professional journeys and personal lives.

Positive Intelligence™

Positive Intelligence, or PQ, is a revolutionary approach that combines positive thinking and emotional intelligence.


What is RevitalizeMD?

RevitalizeMD is a specialized mentorship program designed to empower physicians by providing guidance on career transitions, managing burnout, and achieving holistic well-being.

Who is the program for?

Specifically tailored for physicians and physician assistants, RevitalizeMD addresses the unique challenges and aspirations faced by medical professionals.

What are the benefits of joining RevitalizeMD?

Participants gain personalized support, practical strategies, and access to a supportive community, all aimed at helping them reach their personal and professional goals.

How many coaching sessions does the program include?

The program comprises six private coaching sessions covering essential topics like self-discovery, work-life integration, resilience, empowerment, time management, wellness, and overcoming setbacks.

Who will be coaching me?

You will be coached by a Certified Physician Life Coach and Positive Intelligence Coach with extensive experience in assisting professionals, ensuring expert guidance tailored to your unique needs.

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How can I join the RevitalizeMD program?

For more details on enrolling in RevitalizeMD, please contact us at 📩 [email protected] or 📲 (505) 433-7130.

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