From Boardrooms to Buildings: My Takeaways from an Entrepreneur and Real Estate Conference for Physicians

Sep 23, 2023

Navigating the dynamic of real estate investment and entrepreneurship has always been an exhilarating journey for me. As both an investor in real estate and the proud business owner of a coaching program at, I've always believed in the power of continuous learning and forging meaningful connections. I recently attended PIMCON 2023, one of the largest entrepreneurship and real estate conferences for physicians.

I attended with three clear objectives in mind: to connect with like-minded individuals, to ignite new inspirations, and to update my expertise in the intertwining realms of real estate and entrepreneurship.

Throughout the conference, I had the opportunity to meet and network with a diverse group of physicians who shared my passion for real estate and entrepreneurship. It became apparent that a few recurrent themes would be the cornerstone of this year’s conference. These patterns weren’t just insightful for entrepreneurs or real estate investors; they held profound implications for physicians, like me, seeking avenues beyond traditional medical practice.

  1. The Imperative of Constant Education and Learning:
    • One message that resonated throughout the keynotes was the non-negotiable nature of continuous learning. Whether it's adapting to the shifting terrains of the real estate market or evolving as an entrepreneur in an increasingly competitive landscape, staying updated and educated is touted as the key to sustained success.
    • The digital age, with its rapid advancements, only underscores this need further. As the saying goes, "The best investment you can make is in yourself." And as professionals, whether in medicine or business, we must commit to this mantra.
  2. Facing and Overcoming the Fear of Taking Action:
    • Another recurring theme was the paralysis many feel when faced with making pivotal decisions. This is a sentiment many physicians can relate to, especially when considering branching out from conventional practice.
    • The keynotes emphasized the importance of embracing uncertainty and making informed yet decisive moves. It was heartening to hear seasoned professionals share their tales of initial hesitations and how overcoming these fears catalyzed their success stories.
  3. Untapped Opportunities for Physicians:
    • Perhaps most intriguing was the spotlight on the myriad opportunities that lie in wait for physicians outside the confines of standard medical practice. The conference underscored that, with our analytical skills, discipline, and dedication, physicians are uniquely poised to excel in entrepreneurial ventures and real estate investments.
    • Numerous case studies were showcased, detailing physicians who'd successfully branched out and highlighting the symbiotic relationship between the medical world's intricacies and the broader business landscape.

Networking and collaboration opportunities

One of the most interesting and exciting aspects of the conference was the opportunity to mingle with a broad spectrum of physicians, from fairly new graduates to already retired physicians. In addition, interact with physicians from all different backgrounds, specialties, and subspecialties, along with non-physicians, including dentists and physician assistants. All of us were eager to learn more about all the facets of the entrepreneurial and real estate journey. It became evident that this was more than just an event; it was a melting pot of diverse experiences, aspirations, and stories, each more unique than the last.

  1. The Spectrum of Journeys:
    • There's an undeniable energy in encountering individuals at various stages of their entrepreneurial and real estate trajectories. From budding entrepreneurs bubbling with ideas to seasoned real estate investors who've weathered multiple market cycles, the breadth of experiences was both humbling and enlightening.
    • Sharing stories, swapping tips, and simply observing the passion in their eyes offered invaluable lessons. It was a vivid reminder that the road to success isn't linear, and every individual's journey holds its own set of challenges and triumphs.
  2. Bridges of Inspiration:
    • More than once, I found myself deeply inspired by someone's anecdote or insight. Whether it was a young entrepreneur's innovative solution to a common problem or a real estate investor's strategic approach to an unpredictable market, their stories were a testament to human ingenuity and persistence.
    • These interactions acted as catalysts, pushing me to reflect on my own journey and the areas where I could innovate or adapt.
  3. The Power of Collective Ambition:
    • What stood out remarkably was the collective drive to improve, evolve, and take action. Being surrounded by such a community, where every conversation was a nudge towards excellence, reinforced the importance of surrounding oneself with forward-thinkers and action-takers.
    • It was a poignant reminder that while the journey of entrepreneurship and investment might be challenging, you're never truly alone. There's a vast community out there, ready to collaborate, inspire, and elevate each other.

Leading a Mastermind: A Physician Coaching Physicians

One of the standout moments at the Entrepreneur and Real Estate Conference, for me personally, was the privilege of leading two mastermind sessions specifically tailored for a select group of physicians. The experience was both an honor and an affirmation of my commitment to championing a growth mindset within the medical community.

  1. Setting the stage:

As we convened in our dedicated space, the atmosphere was palpable with anticipation. Here were professionals, each an expert in their medical field, ready to delve deeper, to challenge the status quo, and to carve new paths in their personal and professional lives.

  1. Building a growth mindset:

Our session revolved around the pivotal theme of cultivating a growth mindset. It was clear that while many physicians excel in clinical settings, the challenges of branching out into entrepreneurial or investment ventures can be daunting.

Together, we unpacked the barriers that often hold back physicians: the fear of failure, the weight of expectation, and sometimes the confines of traditional thinking. Through interactive discussions and exercises, we worked on strategies to reframe challenges, view failures as learning opportunities, and embrace change as a catalyst for growth.

  1. Catalyzing Positive Action:

A significant part of our mastermind was dedicated to actionable strategies. Drawing from both my experiences and the collective wisdom of the group, we charted out pathways for physicians to take confident steps forward, whether in real estate, entrepreneurship, or even personal endeavors.

It was deeply rewarding to see lightbulb moments occurring around the room, witnessing barriers being broken and plans being made.

  1. The Joy of Service:

To say I was proud would be an understatement. There's an unparalleled joy in seeing peers—fellow physicians—armed with renewed vigor and clarity, ready to embrace the world of opportunities ahead. Knowing I played a part in facilitating this transformation filled me with immense gratitude.

But more than pride, it was a deep sense of service and fulfillment that lingered. To be in a position to give back to a community that has given me so much and to help others see and reach their potential was truly the highlight of my conference experience.

In retrospect, this mastermind session was a powerful reminder of the impact we can have when we come together, share, learn, and push one another towards greatness. And as I continue my journey as a physician coach, I'm even more committed to fostering growth, change, and positive action within our community.


Reflecting on the entirety of the Entrepreneur and Real Estate Conference, it's evident that such experiences are more than just the sum of their parts. It wasn't merely about the knowledge acquired or the insights shared, but about the profound transformations witnessed and felt, both within myself and amongst fellow attendees.

From absorbing the wisdom of industry leaders to delving into immersive networking sessions, every moment was laden with potential and promise. The privilege of leading a mastermind session for fellow physicians was a poignant highlight, underscoring the profound difference we can make when we elevate and support one another.

The conference was a microcosm of the entrepreneurial and investment world—dynamic, challenging, but immensely rewarding. As I move forward, I carry with me a plethora of lessons, a renewed zest for continuous learning, and a reaffirmed commitment to serve, inspire, and grow.

For anyone contemplating attending such an event in the future, my experience stands as a testament to its transformative power. Beyond the horizons of our respective professions, there lies a vast expanse of opportunity waiting to be explored. All it takes is the will to step out, connect, and embrace the endless possibilities.

To growth, to change, and to the beautiful journey ahead.


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